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Every day, hundreds of millions of people are entertained and enlightened by the authors and actors, printers and producers, reporters and directors who fulfill their mission. That mission remains unchanged after half a century of expansion and improvement hence, Million Miles Infrastructure & Developers Limited . is one of the leading providers of asset management services in India. Service to Mankind is the rent we pay for our space on earth. Our company's success is directly related to the service we render. The need of each Catalyst distributor is the number one priority of our company.

We are committed to the continuing research and analysis of tactics leading to the success of our people. Analyzing field of sector, Real estate ( i.e. group housing, townships& commercials), hotels & resorts, Power Producing and film & entertainment industry. The company emerges as the best company in India. We develop innovative product to enhance the quality of life and thereby, we continually improving the position of our company as well as enhancing lives of our employees and our community. The mission of company is to provide a special service to its Marketing Associates which give them security, income and employment for whole life. The main motto of the company is to make every dream of our Marketing Associates true with providing them a source for extra unlimited income in their free time. Our aim is to provide our distributor with right information to make them secure and wealthy.
Our Fundamental Management Policy
A Partner in Creating Value” refers not only to contributing to the overall flow of the economy, but also serves as a reminder of our ongoing efforts to fulfill the lives of our Investors, media- and contents-related companies and consumers, and bring about happiness by promoting the Companies's social mission. Looking at the MMPIL's value creation from a different angle, we strive to generate happiness, vitality and peace among all our investors.

To “generate happiness,” we aim, through the power of communications, to play a part in the business success of Investors, media- and contents-related companies, while contributing to consumer prosperity.

To “generate vitality,” we aim, through sports and entertainment, to create excitement throughout society, generating energy everywhere.
To “generate peace,” we will use the power of communications, the premise of the Real Estate, Hotel, Resorts, Power Plants and Entertainment business, to encourage social contribution activities and consequently help achieve peace, which forms the foundation for individual happiness and economic activity.

To create value, we must remain sensitive to the activities of our Investors, consumers, and society as a whole. Through our ability to connect these shifts with economic cycles in an optimal manner, we aim to be the partner of choice for our Investors. The MMPIL has defined its strategic markets for its development
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