Million Miles Infrastructure & Developers Limited
Regd Office :- Opp. 66 KV Substation, Jagadhri Road, Ind. Estate, Chhota Khuda, Ambala Cantt (Haryana).
Branch Office :- 34 N H Road, P.o. Noa Para, 24-PGS North, Barasat, Kolkata, Pin 700125 (West Bengal).
Phones: 033-25242161,033-25242162,033-25242142, Fax: 033-25242149
1st Circular Dev. Cir.01 - 01/SEP/ 2010 of Million Miles Sales PVT LTD
1. Direct Referral Incentive of Senior Sales Officer and Asst Marketing Supervisor will get the Following amounts as development incentive every 15 days it will be given as follows and this up to 31st Oct 2010 sanctioning & verification done by DGM (HO) Immediate to be released on local Level. Following criteria s are given below
Direct Joinings
Incentive Amount
SR.SO 4 Joinings 700 250
SR.SO 8 Joinings 1200 750
SR.So 12 Joinings 2500 1500
SR.SO 18 Joinings 3000 2000
His Iimmediate Senior sales Officer has to completed those Recruitment’s total associate to senior sales officer will be counted and considered if any Asst. Marketing Supervisor having 1 or more Senior sales officer then that Asst. Marketing Supervisor is eligible for getting incentive on a senior sales officers. above Marketing Manager to chief development adviser / 5 if they directly recruited Asst. Marketing Supervisor and senior sales officer the gap of the associate will be counted and incentive will be eligible.
All joining s Will Counted And Consider With Minimum Amount Of 580 And Membership Money Of 300
The scheme period 1st Sept To 31st Oct 2010
Collection Amount
Team Joinings
3.5 Lakhs 180 1 Qty Hero Honda Motor Bike Ex. Showroom Worth Rs. 32,100/-
6.5 Lakhs 300 1 Qty Bajaj Pulsor Motor Bike Ex. Showroom Worth Rs. 60,000/-
10 Lakhs 600 40 Grams Gold 22 carat
18 Lakhs 1000 1 Maruti Alto Car Ex. Showroom Price Base Model
30 Lakhs 1500 1 Santro Car Ex. Showroom Price Base Model
50 Lakhs 3000 1 I 10 Car Ex. Showroom Price Base Model

Terms and Condition of Dusssehra & Diwali Mahotsav Circular No: Dev/01/01/Sep-2010.
  1. Scheme Period 1st September 2010 to 31st October 2010
  2. THis circular is applicable for first rank to 15 Ranks only (i.e Associate to Chief Dev.Advisor-5)
  3. Any Field Talents Highest Rank will be considered as his/her physical rankfor calculation of price
  4. Field Talent having multiple codes (codes in the name of family members will not be entertained for the price even if they become winners. ony 1 price can be claimed by a single actual worker or co-worker.
  5. All prizes shall be distributed by the company in the month of Dec-2010 after carefully analysis of business and final preparation of MDA Winners.
  6. Winner Option for cash price can claim their cash rewards in OCt-2010 Part-II Vouchers paid on 15th Nov-2010.
  7. All cash rewards shall be paid after the deduction of applicable taxes (TDS).
  8. Sr.Sales Officer and above Ranks it is compulsary for the winner to deposit minimum 50% Recruitments from the teams other than highest proze winner Junior team in order to be eligible fot the prize.
  9. Cheque Deposits and cleared with in the scheme period will be considered for the scheme.
  10. The management descision will be final and binding to alll in any case of dispute.
  11. All the first instalments and second instalments on Million Miles Projects & Infrastructures products and Bonds will be considered for the scheme
  12. The member ship money of Million MIles Sales Rs.300/- Will not be considered for the Bumper Bonanza Scheme.
  13. 1 & 2 Premiums of Million Miles Infrastructures & developers Limited Plans to be considered for the scheme like Monthly/Quaterly/Halfyearly/yearly Subsequent installments will not be considered for the scheme.
  14. All the MIllion Miles Infrastructures & Developers & Plans 1 year , 3 1/2 Years and 5 years (Lumsum Investment) investments considered for 50% for the scheme.and 7 years ,10 years and 14 years Plans of lumsum considered for 100%.
  15. Average commissionable (BDE) Value Business means total commissionable value business deposited divided by total number of recruitments.
  16. Prize are not transfarable in any circumstances.
  17. 2% would be deducted on sr.Sales Officers and above Chief dev.Advisor-5. Vouchers (BDE) towards the prize circular.
  18. one winner can be eligible for any 1 prize only.
  19. In case of winners opting for the actual prize (Vehicles) company will only pay Demand Draft of the base Model of Ex-Showroom Vehicle to the Dealers Requested by the winner field talent all the formalities and payments related to the acquisition of the vehicle will be at the sole Resposibility of the prize winner. The company in any way shall not be responsible for the same.
  20. All Pre-launching joinings considered for the scheme.